Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider

Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider

Words by Eddie Leonard Music by Eddie Munson 1903 The Earl Fuller Rector Novelty Orchestra page at has a RealAudio version of Earl Fuller's 1917 recording. Hear the Fabulous Heftones sing their 2004 version from their Moon June Spoon album [CHORUS] C G7 Ida, sweet as apple cider, C E7 Sweeter than all I know, A7 D7 Come out, in the silvery moonlight, G7 of love we'll whisper, so soft and low C G7 Seems like - can't live without you, C E7 Listen - Oh! Honey do A7 D7 Ida, I idolize ya, Dm G7 C I love you Ida, 'deed I do. [Verse] C G7 When the moon comes stealing up behind the hill, C Ev'rything around me seems so calm and still, G Save the gentle calling of the whipoorwll, D7 G7 Then I long to hold her little hand in mine; C G7 Thro' the trees the winds are sighing soft and low, C Seem to come and whisper that your love is true, G Come and be my own now, sweetheart do oh do D7 G7 Then my life will seem almost divine.