Come Josephine in My Flying Machine

Come, Josephine In My Flying Machine

Words by Alfred Bryan Music by Fred Fisher 1910 Hear Ada Jones and Billy Murray sing on their 1911 recording from the Collected Works of Ada Jones and Billy Murray Part 1 at Hear the Fabulous Heftones sing their 2004 version from their Moon June Spoon album View c1910 sheet music from the Lester S. Levy Collection at Johns Hopkins University.
[Verse 1] C G7 C G7 Oh! say! -- let us fly, dear, where, kid? -- to the sky, dear C F D7 G7 Oh! you flying machine! jump -- -- in, -- -- Miss Josephine C G7 C G7 Ship a-hoy! joy! what a feeling, where, boy? -- in the ceiling, C F D7 G7 Ho! high, hoop-la! we fly to the sky so high; [Chorus] C Come Josephine in my fly-ing ma-chine, G7 Going up -- she goes! up -- she goes! G7 Balance your-self like a bird on a beam, C In the air -- she goes, there -- she goes! C G7 Up, -- -- up, -- a little bit higher, C G7 Oh! -- -- my! -- the moon is on fire, C Come, Josephine in my flying machine, G7 C Going up, all on, "good-bye!" [Verse 2] C G7 C G7 One, two, -- now we're off, dear, say you, -- pretty soft, dear C C7 F D7 G7 Whoa! dear, don't hit the moon! no, -- -- dear -- -- not yet but soon G7 C G7 C G7 You for me, gee! your're a fly kid, not me, -- I'm a sky kid, C F D7 G7 Gee! I'm up in the air about you for fair: