In the Garden

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The Fabulous Heftones
In the Garden
Songs of Love in Bloom

The Music:

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Tip-Toe Through the Tulips

When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues for You

Where the Shy Little Violets Grow

If You Want the Rainbow, You Must Have the Rain

Telling it to the Daisies

Jeannine (I Dream of Lilac Time)

It Was Only a Sun Shower

April Showers
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A Garden in the Rain

Would You Like to Take a Walk? (Sump'n Good'll Come from That)

For My Sweetheart

I'm Tellin' the Birds, Tellin' the Bees - How I Love You

Half Way to Heaven

My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now

Brian Hefferan: Vocals, Ukulele, Bass
Lynn Hershberger Hefferan: Vocals, Bass, Whistling

Most of the copyrights for the compositions on this album are still being enforced by their copyright owners, so we are not able to offer free downloads or publish the words. Please feel free to download and enjoy April Showers, published in 1921 and out of copyright in the USA.

Notes from Lynn:
Brian and I have been singing songs from the 1920's together now for perhaps a decade. I started to notice a trend... we kept discovering new songs about flowers. Roses, violets, tulips, daisies, lilacs, daffodils and more, appeared time and again. I started collecting these songs, and asking other musicians if they knew any others.

Now, this is not a subject we see in modern times. The people of the flapper era surely had troubles, but it seems that they did not wish to sing about them much. The focus in music was on the romantic, the idealistic, the flirt and the flourish.

This album is the result of our journey through gardens in song. Here you will find sunshine, twilight, rain and rainbows, fields and beds of flowers, bluebirds and much romance. These songs make us smile, and we hope they will do the same for you. Please join us for a musical tiptoe through the tulips... and roses, and

It has been a delight gathering songs for this album, as one might gather flowers for a bouquet. My first flower song was probably When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues for You, followed closely by Telling it to the Daisies and Tiptoe through the Tulips.

It was Tulips which inspired my desire for a full album devoted to this subject. After all, even those of us in our 40's know this one, from the version the amazing Tiny Tim made his theme song. As far as I know, Mr. Tim never did perform the intro, which sets up the love story which follows. We are delighted to bring it back here.

Many of these songs were once performed by the early jazz singer, Annette Hanshaw (one of my all-time favorites). Included also are songs sometimes associated with Fanny Bryce, Ruth Etting, Gene Austin, Cliff Edwards (otherwise known as Ukulele Ike, the voice of Jiminy Cricket), Nick Lucas, Johnny Marvin, and Al Jolson, among others.

The songs in our bouquet were mostly written in New York City from 1921 to 1929. My Grandma Ruthie was a young woman at this time, it was "her music." She loved the dances and the songs, and she married the trumpet player in the band. I'm a lot like Ruthie, in more than one way!

The first time I ever heard Brian perform, he sang Half Way to Heaven and Where the Shy Little Violets Grow. I first fell in love with the music. Fate has allowed me to also fall in love with the musician, and become a full partner in song. It's as fine a love story as any lyric! May you enjoy your journey through our musical garden.
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